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Our projects come in many shapes and sizes and right now, we are working on a three-year Heritage Lottery project, researching into seaside entertainment on the North Essex coastline between 1850~1960. Titled ‘Resorting to the Coast’, the long-term aim is to celebrate the seaside history of our region and to use live performance and music to help recreate the heyday of these towns, engender a sense of civic pride and hopefully contributing to their regeneration.

The Marvellous Museum of Coastal Curiosities

Carnival Arts

The Harwich Children’s Carnival is our largest community event. We work with over 1,000 children from across the Tendring District in North Essex, to bring a splash of colour, creativity and culture to the community. It is an arts event which introduces the young people of Harwich to high quality dance, drama, drumming, making and performance using professionals in the field to deliver master classes and workshops in the run up to carnival day.

Pages of The Sea

Danny Boyle's iconic Armistice Day event on Clacton Beach.

armistice day

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